Toyota Winter Tires, Installation and balancing in Sioux Falls, SD 

They say the only two guarantees in life are death and taxes. For those who have to drive to work in South Dakota, we can comfortably add snow and ice to the list as well. Driving in these unpleasant conditions requires a little extra planning and skill. Driving on the proper equipment also helps make things a little easier and safer. For Toyota winter tires, installation and balancing in Sioux Falls, SD, your first and only stop needs to be the Billion Toyota Service Department. Obviously, our repair technicians specialize in the care and maintenance of Toyota vehicles, but we can also confidently work on just about anything someone might have in their driveway that needs attention.

Are winter tires necessary? 

Just about every expert study performed by consumer advocacy groups recommend using so-called snow or winter tires. There are a few factors that will make the difference when the snow starts to fall, and roads become slippery.  

Rubber matters - Basically, winter tires use a special rubber formula that allows them to remain pliant in extremely cold temperatures. All-season and summer tires will get still and aren't as good as maintaining traction. 

Tread depth - Have you ever looked at rugged off-road tires and the aggressive tread pattern they use? Winter tires take a similar approach. Deeper tread patterns help reduce the amount of snow that builds up and will, again, assist in maintaining traction.

Schedule an appointment for new tires today! 

As important as having winter tires are for safe driving, those efforts can be for naught if someone doesn't use the proper size of tires or they aren't properly balanced. The Billion Toyota Service Department has all of the tools to properly install the tires on the wheels and ensure they are balanced correctly.  

If you've spent that last few winters slipping and sliding toward disaster, make an appointment to have a new set of winter tires installed on your vehicle today.

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