Toyota vehicle check engine light service in Sioux Falls, SD 

Not many things will strike terror into the hearts of a vehicle owner like seeing the check engine light activate on their dashboard. Automakers have intentionally made this indicator lamp all but impossible to miss, because it means there could something very seriously wrong with the vehicle. It's important to schedule Toyota vehicle check engine light service in Sioux Falls, SD at Billion Toyota. Our team of expert service technicians use the latest diagnostic technology to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible then fix it using factory-approved best practices and components. If you've had this light in your face for a while, schedule an appointment with us today by calling, 844-235-3406. 

Why is my check engine light on? 

There are several malfunctions that can cause a check engine light to activate. Some of these are more concerning than others, but most will require an expert to take a look at the vehicle to resolve the issue. Here are the most common reasons that will trigger a check engine light:  

Bad oxygen sensor - Your vehicle will lose efficiency and can cause spark plugs and the catalytic converter to fail. 

Loose gas cap - A loose gas cap will break the vacuum the system needs to function properly. In addition to causing the check engine light to activate, a loose gas cap can also cause a loss in efficiency. 

Mass Airflow Sensor - Engines require a mixture of fuel and air to properly achieve combustion. The mass airflow sensor measures the air in the engine to ensure efficient fuel ignition.  

The common threads tying all of the reasons a check engine light comes on, are that a vehicle will become less efficient - thus costing owners more money at the pump. Additionally, these problems can also all lead to problems with the engine's spark plugs and catalytic converter.  

You don't want to wait too long to have this problem taken care of. Schedule an appointment with the Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls Service Department today. 

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