Toyota fluid replacement and disposal in Sioux Falls, SD

It's pretty easy to forget about the fluids that course through the various parts, components and systems of your vehicle. But without materials like brake fluid, engine coolant, windshield wiper fluid and transmission fluid, your car wouldn't last very long - in fact, it probably wouldn't even start. Over the course of driving, it's normal for some of these liquids to become depleted and need to be refilled. If you're running low on some of these and are looking for Toyota fluid replacement and disposal in Sioux Falls, SD, Billion Toyota should be your first stop. We will only replace your fluids with factory-approved brands that will ensure your car will keep running in the best condition possible. 

Stay ahead of the curve 

We can't overstate the necessity of regular maintenance enough. Every new Toyota car, truck, SUV and minivan comes with a clearly laid out maintenance plan in its owner's manual. Coming in to expert service centers like the one at Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls, will help you minimize the chance that something unexpected could happen that may lead to a breakdown or other inconveniences and expenses. One of the most important parts of every service appointment scheduled at Billion Toyota is its comprehensive inspection process. A standard part of this process is the checking of all fluids. If they need to be replenished, they are. Additionally, anything we drain from your vehicle, we make sure to safety dispose of. 

What has leaked from my car? 

Finding that a fluid has leaked from a car or truck is usually a symptom of a much bigger problem. Here are a few common fluids you may find under your vehicle and what they might be.

Water - Since modern radiators use antifreeze or engine coolant instead of water, a puddle of water generally isn't anything to be terribly concerned about. Most of the time, what looks like a water leak is just condensation that has accumulated because of a vehicle's air conditioner. 

Engine Coolant/Antifreeze - An engine coolant or antifreeze leak can be a serious problem. This fluid is responsible for dissipating heat from the engine. You will be able to tell this is engine coolant or antifreeze from the distinctive neon green or neon pink color. 

Brake Fluid - At first glance, leaking brake fluid might appear to be water, if not dirty water. However, the location of the leak will be a dead giveaway. The puddle with be near the tires. You will be able to tell brake fluid isn't water from its distinct chemical smell. If you are experience a brake fluid leak, make an appointment right away with Billion Toyota. 

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