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 Toyota Air Filter and Oil Filter Replacement in Sioux Falls, SD 

Most people would say that it is the engine under the hood of car that makes it run and move. Looking at the issue from a very high level, we would agree. However, once the individual components of an engine are examined, the importance of a certain piece really comes into focus. No vehicle will get very far with dirty air being fed into an engine with contaminated oil being pumped through it. For approved Toyota air and oil filter replacement in Sioux Falls, SD the Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls is the place to go. Replacing a dirty filter should be a no-brainer during oil changes or other basic maintenance appointments, but some unqualified or cut-rate repair shops have been known to skip this step. 

The most important message the Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls Service Department wants to get across to our customers is how critical it is to keep unwanted moisture, dirt and other contaminants out of places, they don't belong. This means changing air and oil filters when prescribed by a vehicle's owner's manual. If you're vehicle has been running rough or you have noticed a problem with its performance, schedule an appointment with the Billion Toyota Service Department today. 

Why should I change these filters?

While air and oil filters protect different areas of a vehicle, they both serve the same basic function, keeping things as clean as possible. If it has been a while since you've replaced the air filter in your Toyota car, truck or SUV, you may have noticed some of the following symptoms.  

Decreased fuel economy - The most telling issue that arises when an air filter is in need of replacement is decreased fuel economy. An engine needs to mix air and fuel in the proper ratio to get combustion, when an air filter is clogged the proper amount of air might not be getting where it needs to be. Additionally, the engine has to work harder which can have a negative effect on efficiency. 

Reduced performance - Along the same lines as a dirty air filter hurting fuel economy, the same issue can cause a drop in the vehicle's performance. Signs of reduced performance include the vehicle not seeming like it wants to accelerate or the engine starts to make worrisome sounds.  

What happens if my oil filter is bad?

Oil is really the lifeblood of a car's engine. As the oil starts to age, it will start to break down and become more harmful than helpful. While the oil circulates through an engine, one of its functions is to carry away contaminants, which are then caught in the oil filter. When an oil filter gets old, it will stop taking this dirty and grime out of the oil. In extreme cases, oil will start to bypass the filter and catastrophic failures could happen. 

Schedule an appointment today

It's never too late to start taking better care of your Toyota vehicle. During each service appointment at Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls, a highly trained technician will perform a multi-point inspection. That means oil and air filters will get looked at and replaced when necessary.