Genuine Toyota Battery Replacement and Service in Sioux Falls, SD 

When most people think about how their cars are powered, their first thought is going to be about the internal combustion engine. However, the fact is that an engine isn't much without a working electrical system that requires a battery to do almost everything. As an authorized location to get genuine Toyota battery replacement and service in Sioux Falls, SD, Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls knows exactly what every Toyota car, truck or SUV needs under the hood to stay on the road where it belongs. Billion Toyota will take a look at some signs you might have noticed if it's time to replace your Toyota vehicle's battery. 

How do I know if my car battery is failing? 

Fortunately, there won't be much of a mystery surrounding a bad or otherwise failing car battery. In fact, the problems will present themselves almost as soon as you sit in the driver's seat. If you turn the key and the starter motor sounds like its struggling, takes longer than normal or doesn't actually start the vehicle, you could have a dead or dying car battery to deal with. Simply getting a jump start might not be the solution. Most automotive batteries have an effective lifespan of about five years. After that the chemicals inside have broken down to the point where they don't conduct electricity as quickly as is needed. 

Other signs include:
  • Dim headlights and interior lights 
  • Malfunctioning/slow windshield wipers 
  • Electric seats can't be adjusted 
  • Radio won't work properly 

Schedule an appointment with Billion Toyota 

When these issues crop up, a Billion Toyota Service Technician will be able to figure out a dead battery issue pretty quickly. You can stop by the service department any time and we'll be happy to attach a testing unit to your battery to see where you stand. In the event you need to have the battery replaced, we only stock genuine Toyota parts, batteries included, and will be able to replace it for you very quickly. You might not even need to make an appointment. 


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