One of the simplest and most effective innovations in the automotive industry has been the humble windshield wiper blade. When it rains, snows or dirt lands on our windshields, it's so easy and convenient to reach down and turn on the wipers. In fact, more and more vehicles are available with automatically activated windshield wipers. It can be pretty scary when a driver goes to activate their wipers and the situation goes from bad to worse because everything is just smeared across the glass. If it's time to look for Toyota windshield wiper blade replacement in Sioux Falls, SD, make sure your first stop is to the expert technicians working at the Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls Service Department. Customers can schedule an appointment with us today by calling, 844-235-3406.

How long do wiper blades last? 

Any question asking how long a particular automotive component will last requires too many variables and moving parts to give a broadly correct, concrete answer. However, the standard for most experts use says they should be replaced every two years. This timeline can be lengthened if a vehicle isn't driven very often or only driven in favorable conditions. On the other side of the equation, some drivers might need to replace their wiper blades sooner than every two years if they drive in dirty, wet or icy environments that will cause the blades to breakdown faster.

Signs it's time for replacement blades 

You will know almost immediately when it's time to schedule an appointment to have your windshield wipers replaced. The most obvious sign is that they have become ineffective and will just spread dirt around the windshield or not remove rain while the wipers are running.  

Our team of experts also suggest visually inspecting the wiper blades at regular intervals. You should get new wiper blades immediately if the rubber is broken, uneven or missing parts. Prior to this, you may notice that there are cracks forming on the rubber blades and it shouldn't be ignored. 

You can schedule an appointment today through our website or by calling 844-235-3406.


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