Toyota Transmission Repair in Sioux Falls, SD 

No piece of automotive equipment better symbolizes the interconnected nature of a car, truck or SUV like the transmission. Even the simplest manual transmission is an intricately designed web of gears designed to transfer the power created by engine to the wheels where things really start to happen. A failing or completely broken transmission can be a death sentence for a vehicle. If an owner's vehicle is in need of Toyota transmission repair in Sioux Falls, SD, Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls is ready to help. Our team of service experts are trained in the latest methods and best practices for getting vehicles on the road. 

How do I know if I need my transmission fixed? 

Like many things in the automotive world, it's pretty rare for a transmission to fail without some kind of warning. In modern vehicles, if the computer monitoring a car's various system detects something wrong, you will almost certainly get some kind of notification. We recommend taking your car, truck or SUV to an authorized repair center like Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls. Other signs of transmission issues include finding a reddish fluid under your vehicle. This is very likely going to signal a transmission fluid leak. Since transmission fluid isn't consumed in the same way as motor oil - this is not a great sign. You may also notice a sweet or tart smell in your car from a failing transmission. In an automatic transmission, you will notice a regular sequence as your vehicle cycles through the gears. Any noticeable change in these sounds - especially - a grinding or metal-on-metal noise is a major sign you need to come see us right away. 

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