It doesn't take an automotive expert to understand that modern cars, trucks and SUVs are complex pieces of technology. Toyota vehicles are well-regarded throughout the industry as some of the most reliable a person could have in their possession. However, things do go wrong and one of the first things any competent repair technician will examine is the belt that is responsible for so much of the vehicle's function. If you need Toyota serpentine drive belt replacement in Sioux Falls, SD, the Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls should be your first and only phone call.  

For the most part, a serpentine drive belt has an average lifespan of about 50,000 miles. If your vehicle is approaching this literal milestone, you can schedule an appointment with our maintenance expert today my calling, 844-235-3405. 

What does the serpentine drive belt do? 

Has anyone ever wondered where all of the power to run a vehicle's various systems comes from? A lot of the electrical power originates the engine thanks to a generator that is powered by the serpentine belt. It is wound around various pulleys that run things like the cooling system, air conditioner and power steering. While it is mechanically possible for a vehicle to continue to run with a broken drive belt, internal systems will prevent that from actually happening because of the potential for harm. When a serpentine belt breaks, a vehicle could easily overheat and cause major damage.

How do I know something is wrong? 

Like a lot of things, your vehicle will let you know when something is wrong with the serpentine belt. The first sign that a belt is starting to go bad is an audible squealing that is caused by the belt stretching. Ignoring the initial warning signs will lead to other systems beginning to fail like the air conditioner or the power steering pump. If you do your own maintenance, you might also notice cracks in the belt.  

Every time someone visits the Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls Service Department, one of our qualified technicians will take a look at your serpentine belt and let you know if something needs to be done. 

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