Spark Plug Replacement Sioux Falls SD

The spark plug is an essential part to a vehicle starting and running. Because it is such a tiny part, it can often get overlooked. However, when a vehicle does not start, or is having other issues, then it becomes noticed again. Spark plugs are a little part that fit on the top of the cylinder head of your vehicle's engine. The plug is connected to the ignition coil that is used to create a combustion in the engine. Without this combustion, the vehicle will not move.

How often do I need to replace the spark plugs in my vehicle?

Typically, spark plugs last at least 30,000 miles. This number is roughly based on how often you drive as well as the type of driver you are. If you are not sure about how your spark plugs are doing or you do not know the last time they were replaced, it would not be a bad idea to ask your trusted mechanic about it at your next regularly scheduled maintenance appointment. In addition, you can also talk to your mechanic about cleaning the spark plugs during your vehicle's regularly scheduled maintenance visit.

How do I know if I need new spark plugs?

There are quite a few signs that your vehicle needs new spark plugs. Some of these signs include the engine idling roughly, vehicle is not starting as easy as it used to, the engine misfires, there are surges or hesitations with the engine, the vehicle will not start, your vehicle is not as fuel efficient as it once was, and it does not accelerate like it used to. If your vehicle is exhibiting any of these symptoms, get it over to your trusted mechanic as soon as possible! Otherwise, talk to your trusted mechanic about how your vehicle's spark plugs are doing during your next regularly scheduled appointment!

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