New Toyota tires, tire rotation and wheel alignment in Sioux Falls, SD


New Toyota tires, tire rotation and wheel alignment in Sioux Falls, SD 

When it comes to automotive components, tires rarely get the credit they deserve. Tires are not only special because they are the only part of a car, truck or SUV that is supposed to make contact with the ground, but they also play a primary role in handling and stopping. Everything a vehicle owner could need for new Toyota tires, tire rotation and wheel alignment in Sioux Falls, SD can be handled by the expert technicians in the Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls Service Department. We only stock and sell factory-approved tires so our customers can get the most efficiency and performance possible from their Toyota vehicles.  

Why do I need to get my tires rotated? 

It's pretty easy to imagine that continually rolling across the surface of a road for tens of thousands of miles will cause some wear and tear. Tires need to be rotated in a particular pattern to even out the wear patterns. Failure to keep up with this basic vehicle maintenance task can lead to flat spots or tires that don't last as long as the otherwise could have. Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls has all of the latest equipment for the mounting and balancing of tires on every Toyota model available in our showroom, plus many more. 

How do I know if I need new tires or an alignment? 

There are a few key indicators of what our team of experts will need to do in relation to your tires or overall alignment. If your vehicle seems harder to maneuver or is going through tanks of gas at a faster rate than normal, your tires could be worn down which is causing the engine to have to work harder. Do you have to hold the steering wheel at a noticeable angle to keep heading in the right direction? That points to a problem with a wheel's alignment. Each of these are pretty straightforward to diagnose thanks to the expertise and modern equipment used in our service department. 
You can schedule your next service appointment with Billion Toyota of Sioux Falls using our website or you can contact the service team directly by calling 877-461-4535. 


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